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Tax time is nobody’s favourite time of year – and when you’re a Defence Force member or contractor, preparing your annual tax return can be even more of a headache. When you need an army, air force or navy tax return prepared, it’s worth turning to the ADF tax return specialists. 

Tax rules and regulations get extra sticky when it comes to defence duties. From the complexities of living away from home to ADF allowances and deductibles, there’s a lot to consider. Many tax accountants just don’t have the knowledge or experience to get these issues right. 

Ever walked away doubting you really got all the tax deductions you’re entitled to? Or have you ended up doing too much research yourself, just to make sure your tax agent is ticking all the boxes? 

At WealthVisory Rockingham, we’re here to give you 100% confidence when preparing your ADF tax return, this year and every year. We’re proud to be supporting local defence force members here in Western Australia. 

With friendly, efficient service for every client, we make tax time simpler than ever – and all for an upfront fixed fee. 

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Considerations for ADF Tax Returns

When it comes to defence force tax returns, there are a lot of ATO rules to navigate, and not all accountants have experience preparing them. But at WealthVisory, our team of Rockingham tax accountants stay ahead of the pack. 

We have proven results in helping ADF members legally maximise their tax return, using our extensive knowledge of deductions and offsets that apply to each service member’s scenario. We can assist a full range of Permanent Forces and Reserves tax requirements, including tax rates for ADF members, deductible expenses, tax offsets and more. 

When we prepare your ADF tax return, we always consider each of the following points: 

ADF Tax Deductions 

The number one topic on everyone’s mind at tax time: which tax deductions can I claim this year? There are a few key factors that need to be considered for defence force personnel. 

First, your tax deductions must be directly connected to your defence duties, but not all expenses can be claimed on your tax return.

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First, your tax deductions must be directly connected to your defence duties, but not all expenses can be claimed on your tax return. 

Even when receiving an allowance, such as uniform allowance, tax deductions on these expenses aren’t automatic – you’ll need to actively claim the deduction with documentation, like invoices and receipts. 

Expenses that can often be claimed as ADF tax deductions include: 

  • Compulsory clothing and uniform expenses 
  • Protective equipment and tools 
  • Work-related travel (above and beyond travel allowance) 
  • Vehicle expenses (including travel on and between bases) 
  • Self education and study (outside of military school) 
  • Work-related mess fees and overtime meal fees 
  • Home office expenses (where applicable) 
  • Expenses incurred during extra regimental duties 

For more details on what is included in each of these expense categories, check out our ADF Tax Deductions Guide

When it’s time for your annual tax return, WealthVisory Rockingham’s experts can also answer all your army, air force and navy tax return questions.

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ADF Allowances

If you serve in the Australian Defence Force, you may be entitled to a variety of allowances. These allowances are considered income for tax purposes, so ADF allowances form part of your annual tax return. 

Depending on your individual circumstances, you may ‌ claim certain military tax deductions on expenses related to some ADF allowances. 

Members of the Australian Army, Air Force and Navy most commonly receive the following allowances: 

  • flying allowance
  • language proficiency allowance
  • special action forces allowance
  • uniform maintenance allowance
  • vehicle allowance

Each of these allowances may have tax-deductible expenses associated. Certain allowances you can’t claim deductions for, though – your WealthVisory tax agent can help you determine exactly what you can deduct this year. 

Reimbursements are different to allowances, as they’re intended to repay specific costs. You will not need to declare any reimbursements on your tax return, meaning you also can’t claim deductions for those costs. 

The lines between allowances, reimbursements, and which can be claimed as tax deductions can be difficult, but a specialist ADF tax accountant like WealthVisory Rockingham can make the process hassle-free.

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Zone & Overseas Forces Tax Offsets

Tax offsets are an important tool in reducing the tax payable on your income. For Defence Force members in Australia, there are two types of tax offsets you may be eligible for: 

Zone Tax Offset: If you are an ADF member living in a remote or isolated area of Australia, then you may be eligible to claim the zone tax offset

Overseas Forces Tax Offset: If your role in the ADF has required you to work overseas during the tax year, you may be able to claim overseas forces tax offset.

There are set criteria that Army, Navy or Air Force members need to meet in order to claim a tax offset. The expert team at WealthVisory Rockingham can clarify your tax offset eligibility, helping you get the best results from your tax return.

Medicare Levy Exemptions for ADF Members

If you’re an Australian Defence Force member, you don’t want to miss out on this great tax benefit. ADF members are eligible for a full or half Medicare levy exemption if they have been granted full free medical care for the tax year. 

To claim a full or partial medicare levy charge exemption, you must meet a list of conditions around your medical coverage, marital status, dependents and more. If you don’t meet these conditions, you may still be eligible for a partial exemption, and these can be even more tricky to calculate. 

At WealthVisory Rockingham, we can simplify the process of claiming a medical levy exemption. When you book a tax return appointment with us, we’ll help you navigate the medicare levy charge and what exemptions apply to you.



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Defence Force Superannuation

For military members in Australia, your superannuation may work a little differently. Like any employer, the Defence Force is required to contribute to the super funds of full-time Defence members, including Permanent Forces and continuous full-time service (CFTS) Reserve members. 

Defence Force members prior to 1 July 2016 may be a member of the Military Superannuation and Benefits Scheme (MSBS) or Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits (DFRDB). 

Those who joined after 1 July 2016 can be a member of ADF Super or choose their own superannuation fund. 

Superannuation has a close relationship with tax, including making pre-tax and post-tax super contributions. At WealthVisory Rockingham, we’re authorised to provide superannuation advice and we can help ADF members manage their superannuation, including SMSFs.

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Why Choose WealthVisory for your ADF Tax Return?

You shouldn’t have to waste your time splitting hairs over ATO rules. WealthVisory’s accountants are the friendly local experts who can resolve all your military tax return questions. 

Our accountants specialise in Defence tax returns for Australian service members, as well as contractors who deal with defence. Our team of Rockingham tax accountants can make sure no detail or deduction is overlooked when preparing this year’s taxes. 

ADF members have to deal with many complex rules and regulations regarding allowances, deductions, exemptions, and more. The WealthVisory Rockingham team has the specialist knowledge to make military tax returns simple for our clients. 

WealthVisory’s expert accountants can process your next tax return to maximise your benefits and minimise the stress. We keep you informed without being overwhelmed by complex ATO rules – instead, we’ll give you clear and actionable insights into your tax position. 

Even better, we offer fixed fee tax returns to keep tax time simple for local Defence personnel. At WealthVisory, we aim to be honest and transparent in everything we do – so that’s why we offer our personal tax return services with no surprise costs.

Time to Book Your Tax Return Appointment?

This year, have your tax return prepared by the local experts in ADF tax matters: WealthVisory Rockingham. As the trusted tax agents for countless Army, Navy & Air Force clients in Western Australia, you can count on our knowledge and experience to get results. 

If you can’t make it into our Rockingham office for a face-to-face appointment, don’t worry – give us a call and find out more about our online tax return options. We aim to make tax time as simple as possible for military members, regardless of where they’re currently working. 

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