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At WealthVisory, we believe tax planning is for everyone. Taking a proactive approach to tax can help many people maximise their tax return by claiming all the tax deductions and tax concessions they’re eligible for, while adjusting the timing of certain transactions to defer tax obligations to next financial year.

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But first, what is tax planning?

Tax planning involves managing your finances in such a way that the amount of tax you pay is minimised as much as legally possible. Often, getting professional advice from an accountant is the best way to identify opportunities to minimise tax which you may not otherwise come across.

How can a tax accountant help with tax planning?

As experienced personal accountants in Mandurah, the WealthVisory team stays up-to-date with all tax-related news and legal changes that may affect the way your income is taxed. This also means we’re able to inform our customers about any developments that could reduce their overall tax paid or allow them to claim new deductions.

Most importantly, we have the in-depth knowledge required to cut through the confusion and let you know exactly what you’re eligible for, which tax deductions you can claim and the documentation you need to claim them. You may also be eligible for a whole list of tax concessions, tax rollovers and many other benefits – but you’ll only receive them if you’re aware they exist and the proper way to access them. 

Tax minimisation strategies for personal income tax include:

• Maximising superannuation contributions without exceeding the relevant caps

• Bringing forward deductible expenses

• Deferring taxable income

• Managing capital gains.

When should I start tax planning?

The other secret to tax planning is that it starts well before the end of financial year – many of these strategies for maximising your tax return require planning in advance, to ensure the appropriate financial records are kept along the way. So even if you aren’t ready to lodge your tax return for the year, it’s a great idea to get in touch with our team and find out how we can help.

Tax planning is especially important when you’re making investment decisions, whether it’s a short-term investment or long-term strategy for wealth. Whenever you’re buying and selling assets, it’s vital to be aware of the tax implications surrounding that sale – including capital gains tax. 

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner you can start the tax planning process, helping you retain more wealth for the benefit of yourself and your family. Contact WealthVisory for all your up-to-date tax advice in Mandurah.

For more information on individual tax planning, check out our tax minimisation guides below:

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