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Starting, building and maintaining a business in today’s environment is not an easy task. Business owners who are already managing the challenge of day-to-day operations can struggle to also keep the business in growth mode and keep up to date on all legal obligations.

When you partner with WealthVisory, your business benefits from our wealth of financial and commercial experience. Most small-to-medium businesses cannot afford a full time Chief Financial Controller (CFO) watching the numbers and working with you to make those tough business decisions easier. 

WealthVisory can act as your CFO on a part time basis, offering a cost-effective solution to improve the way your business functions – with genuine results for your long-term growth and financial success. 

Why choose us? At WealthVisory, we’re a local business ourselves, so we understand the pressures and challenges of business ownership. Our accountants also have years of real-world experience giving business advice for small businesses in Mandurah. 

Our advisors are skilled at helping business owners to plan and implement highly effective business practices, allowing the business to grow while giving you confidence that nothing is being overlooked. We work closely with your team to provide specialised knowledge and advice that will help your business reach its full potential.

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Why Is It Important To Have A Business Plan?

It’s often said that every business needs a business plan – but it takes the right professional support to create a good business plan. When done correctly, business planning creates a roadmap for everyone in your business to follow, establishing a path directly from your current circumstances to your goals for the future. 

You may be wondering whether you really need a business plan. Consider the following questions:

  • Do you have a great business idea and want to find out if it’s viable?
  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Is your business not performing as well as it could be?
  • Are you stuck in a rut but trying to turn your business around?
  • Are you looking to enter new markets or target new customers?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we’d love to help you with a thorough and comprehensive business plan. 

It’s also likely you’ll need to have a business plan to get a loan, apply for business grants or attract new investors to your business.

WealthVisory Business Planning Services

At WealthVisory, our business experts can help you start, grow and exit a business on your own terms. We have the specialist knowledge to help you put the right foundations in place, understand what the capital requirements are and help you meet your financial obligations.

Whatever stage of development your business is at, it’s crucial to analyse your current situation, keep track of important details and plan for the future of your business. 

Our business planning services cover:

  • Business structure and registration requirements
  • Goal setting and tracking
  • Identifying markets and opportunities 
  • Capital and finance requirements 
  • Financial and tax obligations 
  • Business exit plan or succession plan

We aim to partner with our clients from the very first meeting, offering vital support to business owners every step of the way – and when circumstances change or the unexpected happens, we’ll be here to help your business adapt.

Contact WealthVisory today for a free no-obligation discovery meeting.

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Business Strategy

Even for seasoned business owners, it can be a challenge to build and maintain a highly successful business while keeping track of all the details. Keeping a business in ‘growth mode’ takes a lot of time, energy and sacrifice, particularly for owner-managers in small to medium businesses. 

When you don’t have the capacity to take on extra staff, connecting with an experienced business accountant can help manage the financial and operational details of the business. 

WealthVisory has years of experience helping Mandurah businesses to grow and prosper. As specialists in business accounting, we can help you develop and implement business strategies to increase revenue, build profit margins and solve cash flow issues.

Curious about how a business strategy consultation can help your business succeed?

We use use state-of-the-art accounting, planning and forecasting software to help you think and plan strategically. Together with our clients we set goals then monitor progress on a continuous basis. The end result? Establishing a clear pathway and effective strategy for a healthy, profitable business.

Achieving Business Growth & Increased Profits

As business accountants, we get up close and personal with your profit margins – meaning we understand all the factors which are affecting that final figure. An accountant can often identify ways to improve the bottom line that are easily missed by managers, and suggest some savvy strategies to increase business profits or enable further growth. 

Some of the ways we can help to increase your business profits:

  • Negotiate better terms with suppliers 
  • Analyse expenses and outgoings in depth 
  • Review and improve debt collection procedures 
  • Refine or adjust your products and services 
  • Restructure your existing business debt 
  • Change pricing strategy or structure 
  • Review wage costs and utilisation of human resources 
  • Track marketing and advertising return on investment 
  • Create an effective and future-focused business plan 
  • Identify the most valuable customers 

Every consultation is unique to the needs and circumstances of your business – what works for one small business may be ineffective or detrimental to another. To get the ball rolling on some expert business advice, get in touch with WealthVisory today.

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Business Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management and control can be one of the biggest stress factors for small business owners. Daily cash management is absolutely critical to the health of any business. Even if a business is profitable, without cash it can go out of business in a matter of weeks. 

There are many ways to increase cash available and troubleshoot any cash flow problems your business is experiencing. The accounting team here at WealthVisory can work with you to identify and implement easy step-by-step strategies for improving cash flow management. 

What are the benefits of improved cash flow? More cash on hand means you can grow your business, grow your team and even add more locations. Put simply, effective cash flow management means you have more power – to make strategic moves, fast-track business growth and negotiate better terms with suppliers.

Increasing cash on hand will ultimately increase your long-term profitability for your business. And best of all, improving cash flow reduces your overall stress levels, so you can focus on really making progress. 

Some of the strategies we recommend to improve cash flow include:

  • Adjust invoicing, billing and collections policies
  • Negotiate terms with suppliers and vendors
  • Rethink your business financing arrangements 
  • Evaluate your current pricing structure and strategy 
  • Analyse outgoing expenditure to reduce costs

Get in touch with our business accounting specialists today for a no obligation chat about cash flow management strategies.

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